Money Problems?

Struggling with finances?

With the rapidly-changing world financial crisis, we as a church are aware that many people are concerned about their own financial situation, and here at Parr Street we have undertaken to help in the best way we can. We partner with Christians Against Poverty to conduct Money Management Courses on a regular basis. We look to help you to manage your finances and help you lose the chains of debt.

What is CAP?

Christians Against Poverty is a national debt counselling charity with a network of over 300 centres based in local churches. CAP offers hope and a solution to anyone in debt through its unique, in-depth service. Parr Street Church is Kendal’s CAP Centre, and we have trained staff who will visit people in their own home and help them work their way to becoming debt-free.

If you want to learn more, access CAP website or call 0800 328 0006.